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Travel Pillow Struggle: The Three Very Best Journey Pillows In The Spotlight

The last type of pillow we'll talk about is normally not used during sleep and is called a lumbar cushion. Like other pillows however, there are a couple of different types. One type is used in the bed and helps support your back while you read or just sit in bed. The other type is used when you're sitting on an ordinary chair. If you are a clerk or a truck driver, or just find yourself sitting for long periods of time, you may develop pain in your body due to poor posture and lack of movement and therefore a lumbar pillow can be a great help.

Bring your own comfort items on the plane. With airlines trying to recoup costs wherever they can while keeping ticket prices low, many have resorted to charging for many of the comfort items that used to be free. A best travel pillow 2016, blanket, music and headphones can save you precious money that is better spent on your vacation.

face cradle travel pillow best travel pillow for airplane The first advice I'd like to pass on to all those non-believers who think coach can't be comfortable is to pack light. So many people struggle with their luggage, lifting it, carrying and banging it down the aisle. When flying coach, bring less on because it will only make the experience more comfortable. You won't have something under your feet or on your lap (if you've really over packed).

The cabin of a plane can be noisy and bright, especially during food service or when a movie ends. If you want to get some rest, make sure to bring an eyeshade and earplugs or sound-blocking headphones to